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2012 Trailee Award Finalists: VOTE NOW!

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

2012 SLJ Trailee Award Nominees

Launched in 2010, the Trailees recognize the important role that promotional videos play in encouraging books and reading, as well as the talented people who create digital ads for books.

Six judges narrowed down more than 75 submissions to four finalists in six categories.

Public votes for the winners. Notice that for this award, the public votes for the winning videos. Check out the amazing trailers below and start voting for your favorites on October 12. The deadline for voting is December 31 EST, and the winner will be announced at the American Library Association’s midwinter meeting in Dallas, TX. January 20-24. VOTE HERE

Rubric for Judging Book Trailers

  1. Justifiable Video & Graphics Selection
    Video & Graphic Selections clearly relate to and help re-tell the story. 20 points
  2. Justifiable Text Selections
    Text choices—though economical—have strong relevance to story. 20 points
  3. Justifiable Music Selection
    Tempo, style & lyrics (if any) have relevance to story or support tone of story. 20 points
  4. Final Product
    Gives clear “tease” of the book to future readers without giving away the entire book 20 points
  5. Documentation–Not providing any of the above documentation will automatically disqualify a trailer from consideration
    • Title/Author of Book is included
    • Images and Music are either purchased or copyright friendly to use
    • For amateur trailers, proper attributions are given for images and music (actual owner AND URL must be given—just putting the name of a website, or “Creative Commons” is not proper attribution)
    • Link to original publication of trailer posted during the timeframe of July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011


  • Daryl Grabarek, Editor, Curriculum Connections and Touch and Go, SLJ
  • Shannon McClintock Miller, Teacher Librarian, Van Meter Community School District, IA
  • Melanie Mubarak, Elementary School Librarian, Fort Bend ISD, Houston, TX
  • Teresa Schauer, District Librarian, Pettus ISD, Pettus, TX
  • John Schumacher, School Librarian, Brook Forest Elementary School, Oak Brook, IL
  • Joyce Valenza, Teacher-Librarian, Springfield Township HS Library, PA

Note: If you can’t see a video, click on the title to be taken to YouTube to see it.


Little Chicken’s Big Day
Created by Katie Davis

Created by MacMillon’s Children’s Publishing Group

Created by Kyo Maclear

Kindergarten Rocks
Created by Katie Davis



Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Created by Quirk Books

Created by Escape Goat Pictures

Cryer’s Cross
Created by Vand Media

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her own Making
Created by David Taylor Design



The Hallelujah Flight
Created by Alina Ali, Madelyn Morin, Loren Pleasants, Christian Puentes, Kaleb Rios, Hannah Sanchez, Tate Sherman, Holden Williams

THE HALLELUJAH FLIGHT, by Phil Bildner from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Created by members of the blog Bookie Woogie: Isaac (age 12), Grace (age 10), Lily (age 8), and Elijah (age 5) with encouragement from Dad, Aaron Zenz.

WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON, by Grace Lin from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

The Doll People
Created by Haley Schneeweis and Kara Kobler

DOLL PEOPLE, by Ann M. Martin from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

The Tall Man and the Twelve Babies
Created by Marcus Graham

THE TALL MAN AND THE TWELVE BABIES, by Tom Niland Champion and Kilmeny from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.



Created by Daniel Neal

TENDERNESS, by Robert Cormier from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

Created by Rachel Coleman

SLEEPLESS, by Thomas Richard Fahy from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

Bloody Jack

Created by Josie Baker, Ivy Kerr, and Xavi Stevens

BLOODY JACK, by L.A. Meyer from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

Teen Idol
Created by Anna Milius

TEEN IDOL, by Meg Cabot from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.


ADULT (anyone over 18) CREATED (PreK-12 grade)

Created by Amy Oelkers

INCARCERON, by Catherine Fisher from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

The Looking Glass Wars
Created by Frank Beddor Creators: Xavi Stevens, Emily Ray, Jessica Collins, Levi Acord, Stacey Irish-Keffer, and Kayci Barnett

THE LOOKING GLASS WARS by Frank Beddor from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

Finn Throws a Fit
Created by Eli Elliott

FINN THROWS A FIT, by David Elliott from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

Climbing Lincoln’s Steps
Created by Suzanne Slade

CLIMBING LINCOLN’S STEPS, by Suzanne Slade from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.



Created by Sherry Thompson

DELIRIUM, by Lauren Oliver from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

The Other Wes Moore
Created by Brian T. Johnson

THE OTHER WES MOORE, by Westley Moore from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

The Twin’s Daughter
Created by Sherry Thompson

THE TWIN’S DAUGHTER, by Lauren Baratz-Logsted from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.

Cabinet of Wonders
Created by Analine Johnson

THE CABINET OF WONDERS by Marie Rutkoski from SLJ Trailee Nominees on Vimeo.


Making of a Finalist Trailer

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The Secret Scoop: The Making of the Tell Me a Secret Book Trailer

Guest interview with Holly Cupala

Today, author Holly Cupala talks about her book trailer for Tell Me a Secret, (Harpercollins). It’s one of the finalists in the School Library Journal’s new Trailie Award. We asked her about how the trailer came to be.

What was the original concept for the trailer and how did you come up with it?

In the beginning, I confess I had no idea what I was doing! My husband Shiraz and I put together a script and creative brief on the star players, photos of what I thought they looked like, set descriptions, sound effects, music (the amazing “Ironspy” song from our friends at Splashdown)—the works. It was complex…a bit too complex, we realized, as we started looking into it. Then my writing friend Molly Blaisdell hooked us up with her screenwriting partner, independent filmmaker Paul Michael Gordon. His work is breathtaking, and miraculously, he wanted to do our project.

Originally we were thinking live action, but Paul does beautiful work with video and motion graphics. Then he came back with a concept using illustrations, which was totally unexpected and amazing. We all fell in love and refined it from there.

What software/hardware did you use?

An ambrosia of various programs—Paul uses mostly After Effects. Shiraz used Illustrator to refine the images, I recorded the voiceover on my iPhone(!), and Shiraz layered the music and voice with SoundBooth and Adobe Premiere.

What was the biggest problem you faced in producing the trailer and how did you overcome that problem?

I think the biggest challenge was refining the illustrations and the order of the images to reflect the story. In the first draft, the girl hugging her knees appeared at the “my parents have been lying to me all along” part. That image is such an emotional hook for me, just right for main character Miranda. So we moved her to the beginning and brought in the girl holding the bird, which I love—birds are a leitmotif in the novel. We also made significant alterations to the sister character in the storm to look like Xanda in the book. Then Shiraz worked on the timing of the voiceover and sound effects to get it just right. He produced the project, and he and Paul worked closely on all of the details.

You’ve been active promoting the trailer in various places. So many times, this effort seems wasted. Can you tell where it has made the most impact and where you wouldn’t worry about again?

I don’t feel like any efforts were wasted—and there is always more that can be done! I’m very grateful that so many friends and bloggers wanted to participate in the launch, where over a hundred bloggers linked to the trailer on YouTube and invited others to spread the word. We had a big party with prizes, and tons of people contacted me to say they had posted or tweeted or Facebooked. We also posted the trailer on Amazon, Goodreads, and are actively looking for places to spread the word. (Speaking of which…I need to put it up on TeacherTube…) On the flipside, I try very hard to be respectful of my friends and fans…I don’t want to inundate them with me all the time!

Everyone always wants to know: do book trailers sell books? Do you have any statistical or anecdotal info to share on this?

I wish we knew a way to track that! I don’t have any numbers, but I do see lots of comments from readers who plan to check out the book based on the trailer. Here are some of my favorites:

“I’m so intrigued. I’m definitely reading this book now!”

“If I hadn’t already read this amazing debut, I’d be scrambling to get my hands on a copy.”

“Gorgeous and riveting.”

“This book looks amazing!!”

I do think producing a trailer has helped raise the awareness of the book on a wider scale, and it’s fun to be able to point to it in interviews. And an honor to be a finalist in the SLJ Trailie Awards!


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