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15 Minute Book Trailers?

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Fifteen Minutes of Fame Video Contest on announced today they are increasing the maximum length for uploaded videos to fifteen minutes. The previous limit was ten minutes? Is it a good idea to create a fifteen minute book trailer? Or even a ten minute book trailer?

To make it more fun, YouTube has announced a Fifteen Minutes of Fame contest.

  • Basically, make a 15 minute video that tells the world everything you want them to know about you.
  • Upload the video to with the tag “yt15minutes”
  • Deadline is August 4. Only six days away!

The Prize: If selected, you will be featured on the Home Page of YouTube and get thousands of views! Wow!

Fifteen Minute Book Trailers?

Aside from the question of entering and getting noticed in such a contest, there’s now the possibility of a fifteen minute video about your book. Should you go for it?

Conventional wisdom says that book trailers work best if they are 1-2 minutes long. Wait! Conventional wisdom? Book trailers are still in their infancy as an art form, so how can you say that? OK. For the last couple years, it seems easier to keep an audience’s attention with a short trailer. But maybe it’s time to experiement?

Great Digital Storytelling

Sticky Concepts. If you attempt this, you’ll need great digital storytelling. You’ll want to think about the story first, and then how you might demonstrate that through the medium of video. It’s always the concept that is important and when it goes long, it’s doubly important. Are your ideas something that will capture the imagination of people and keep them reading?

Think about the short animated films you’ve seen, such as those from Pixar. If they struggle filling up five minutes, you know it’s hard.

The Book Trailer Manual includes 14 specific ideas for content and 10 ways to approach images and sound as you create compelling content. Need help or inspiration? The Book Trailer Manual Playlists on lead you through book trailers that illustrate your options. Read more.

Long Copy v. Short Copy. Direct mail experts, those people who send you long snail mail communications say that writing a long letter gets better results. Sounds crazy. But it often works for web pages that advertise products for sale: long pages bring a better return than short.

Written word, of course, can be scanned, while videos must be viewed. Here are some unknowns:

  • When a viewer sees how long the video is, will they even click on it?
  • Would you lose viewers after a few minutes?
  • Would you still get sales from viewers who click away early?
  • At what point would they click away to buy?
  • What percentage of viewers would watch the entire video?

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