Survey: 34% School Librarians Use Book Trailers

What Librarians Think About Book Trailers

Naomi Bates, librarian at Northwest High School Library in Justin, TX recently surveyed 100 librarians about their usage of book trailers in their school libraries. Bates says, she sent links to the survey to two listservs, the Texas Library Association listserv and the LM_NET listserv. 329 people responded, but only the first 100 responses are included because she was using the free version of the software.

The results are astounding.

This is the first question and the responses.
How effective are book trailers in presenting a book to students?

  • Very effective – 66.3%
  • Somewhat effective – 33.7%
  • Not effective – 1%

That is 99% of librarians surveyed who think trailers are effective. Wow! It’s the first statistics that I’ve seen showing the effectiveness of a trailer. Sure, it’s just with students; but if your book targets them, trailers are a must.

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