Moby Awards Finalists

The Moby Awards has a new website, a new look and finalists for 2nd Annual Awards ceremony for the 2011 Moby Awards.

The prize? A old sperm whales to the winners.
New this year? The awards ceremony will feature “screening our favorite great/horrible book trailers and handing out a few lifetime achievement and ‘special’ awards.”

The award was started last year by Melville House, which despite its small size and independent nature, managed to snag a lot of press for book trailers in general and the Moby Award in particular. Part of the fun of the award is the tongue-in-cheek nature of the awards, which look not only at the Best of the year, but also at the Worst. Last year, some of the best press went to the Worst category winners.

Here are this year’s categories. Notice that the children’s category is marginalized–it only gets one category, not two: rather lazy.

  • Book Trailer As Stand Alone Art Object
  • Best Big House
  • Worst Big House
  • Best Small House
  • Worst Small /No House
  • Worst Performance by an Author
  • Most Celebtastic Performance
  • What Are We Doing To Our Children? (good or bad, you decide)

Which would you rather win? The Best or the Worst category?

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