Huffington’s Best of 2010

Huffington Post has named 19 of the best and worst book trailers of the year.

The strange thing is that several of these aren’t really BOOK trailers, that is a video that promotes a book. One is an animation of a single sentence. Another is an Xtranormal animation of someone talking about wanting to write a novel, even though they never read novels. NOT a book trailer!

Watching these, I saw a couple trends. SUCK is the word of the year in book trailers. And trailer are still WAY too long. One minute, maybe 90 seconds and you should be done.

Here’s one of the few that I watched all the way through. (Maybe I should do a post on how long I watch a video until I click it off. My attention span is short, unless a video really captures me.) Near the end is a strange thing about the 1950s, but I did watch it all the way through.


What would YOU nominate for the BEST and WORST trailers of the year? Let’s make our own list.

One Response to “Huffington’s Best of 2010”

  1. Katherine Schlick Noe Says:

    Darcy, I hope you do a post on what makes you click on or off of a book trailer! That would be very helpful. I’m working on a book trailer using your amazing BTM resource, so I’ve spent a lot of time viewing examples. This is my all-time nomination for worst trailer, posted on TeacherTube, for 14 Cows for America (book written by Carmen Agra Deedy; ill. by Thomas Gonzalez ; with contributions by Wilson Kimeli Nayomah). The book is a beautiful and poignant story of Maasai people’s response to September 11 attacks, and the “official” book trailer is wonderful. The TeacherTube trailer is horrific, using close-up images of people falling/jumping from the Twin Towers. I was traumatized by watching it and can only imagine the impact it would have on children. I hope we all think seriously about our responsibilities to children when we design and produce book trailers.

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