Book Trailer Rubric: Little Chicken, Big Day

For a recent librarians’ conference, I created a Book Trailer Rubric, to evaluate the effectiveness of a trailer. Download it here:

This week, I’ll go through several videos and rate them using the rubric.

Evaluating Little Chicken, Big Day with the Book Trailer Rubric

So, how does Katie’s book trailer for Little Chicken, Big Day fare on our rubric?

  • Visuals – videos of chicks against white background are stunningly simple and effective 4
  • Text - Uses selected text from book: “Hold my hand/Stay close” Appropriate & effective 4
  • Voice Over - Wow, great kids’ voices, taped at a local library 4
  • Music - Simple guitar music is effective and in keeping with overall minimalism 4
  • SFX - Not used/But not needed, either. No deduction for not using these.
  • Original Concept – Because the book is creative and original, the book trailer is inevitably innovative and effective 4
  • Appropriate for Book – yes. Evokes book well. Simple, one sentence description of plot 4
  • Tone – Clean, simple, childlike. Evokes book well. 4
  • Length and Pacing - Less than 1 minute, especially appropriate for a picture book. 4

Near perfection! Congratulations, Katie!

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