Best-selling Author Uses Book Trailers

NYTimes Best Seller Author and Novel Featured in 17 Videos

The #1 Hardcover Fiction NY Times Best Seller this week (January 30, 2011) is THE INNER CIRCLE, by Brad Meltzer.

Check out Brad Meltzer’s new thriller, The Inner Circle, which he researched while working with the Department of Homeland Security – and with the help of a former President of the United States.

Did book trailers or videos play a part in helping the title hit best-seller status? Not likely. Instead, the author’s growing reputation and loyal fans helped push it over the top. Still, Meltzer is well represented on

A search on YouTube today returned about 17 videos that talk about Meltzer and this or previous books. There’s an official book trailer, video from an author signing, reactions from readers, the author at a book festival and more. Videos range from 16 seconds (5089 views) 26:28 minutes (650 views) of the author at a book festival.
None of the videos has huge amounts of views. I clicked on “Show Video Statistics” for several of the videos to see where viewers were coming from. The biggest referrer was, followed by an organic search of YouTube and referrals from


What can we learn from Meltzer?

  • Best-selling authors use a variety of marketing materials, including videos about their books and about their career.
  • Don’t put all your money on just one trailer. Work to find more than one way to create a video, then distribute them over time.
  • Successful writers don’t get lots of views for their videos. And you shouldn’t expect millions either. Unless you do something really spectacular.

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