Analine Johnson: Librarian Creates Award Trailers

Librarian by Day: Book Trailer Creator by Night

Included in the finalists for the School Library Journal’s new Trailie Award are FOUR videos by librarian Analine Johnson. WOW! Four!

We asked her about her interest in trailers and how she gets so much done.

What got you interested in book trailers?

About 3 years ago a colleague posted her first book trailer to the TLC (Texas Library Connection) list_serv. I immediately knew that this was the medium I needed to motivate my students to read books that they found daunting, which happens to be the whole fiction section of the library.

When do you find time to create trailers?

I have a full and part-time job so mainly on the weekends. When I’m working on one I’ll devout between 6-8 hours of my time on Saturdays and Sundays. During the week I’ll spend a couple of hours a night.

What are your favorite places to find free images and music?

All of my images have come from the flickr image section of My music is from but it is not free and they do require a licensing agreement.

On your videos, you have a copyright notice. Please explain how you use it and when.

The current notice I use reads as follows:

Warning: Some portions of this presentation contain material used under the Fair Use Exemption of U.S. Copyright Law and is produced solely for non-commercial use.

If you have followed the evolution of my book trailers the disclaimer has gone through a few revisions. I apply it on the first slide of all my book trailers and I instruct my students to post it as well. I use it because I’m creating these trailers purely for educational purposes. I’m using images that are licensed for non-commercial use and I want to make it clear that whoever else uses these book trailers will share them in the same manner as they were intended and will not use them to sell books.

What software/hardware do you use?

I use Windows MovieMaker 2.1 and I recently started using Adobe Photoshop to adapt and modify images.

Your videos appear on YouTube, TeacherTube, and Vimeo. Do you upload other places, too?

Actually I first upload them to James Patterson’s readkiddoread ning the library blog I host write for students – La Lucha Libro Library and my Centeno Elementary homepage. But because many districts categorize a couple of those sites as social networking sites and block them I upload them to Teachertube, 4shared and Youtube. This allows more librarians to have access to them.

Which is most effective for your videos?

I believe I receive more hits on Teachertube. That site tends to be able to bypass more district filters.

For those just beginning to create trailers, what’s your best advice?

Start with a book you absolutely love. You will invest a lot of time and energy into the project so you really need the buy in to see it to completion. And don’t be afraid to network and ask questions. I have met so many virtual people who have guided and helped me in this process.


Analine Johnson has spent 11 years in the field of elementary education. This year marks her fifth year as the librarian for Rodolfo C. Centeno Elementary in Laredo, Texas. She received her B.S. in merchandising from Texas Woman’s University, and her MLS from Sam Houston State University. She hosts La Lucha Libro Library blog for elementary students and creates book trailers in her spare time. Four of her trailers are current finalists in the School Library Journal Book Trailee Awards for the best book trailers.

Videos by Analine Johnson

  1. 14 Cows for America, by Carmen Agra Deedy, Peachtree
    (248 Views on YouTube; 2638 Views on TeacherTube; 178 Views on Vimeo)

  2. Home of the Brave, by Katherine Applegate
    (412 Views on YouTube; 132 Views on Vimeo; 1057 Views on TeacherTube.


  3. All the Lovely Bad Ones, by Mary Downing Hahn
    (729 Views on YouTube; 643 Views on TeacherTube; 155 Views on Vimeo)


  4. Darkness Under the Water, by Beth Kannel, Candlewick.
    Book trailer created by Analine Johnson who is the librarian at Centeno Elementary in Laredo, Texas.
    (23 YouTube Views; 1090 Views on TeacherTube; 116 Views on Vimeo)


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