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15 Minute Book Trailers?

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Fifteen Minutes of Fame Video Contest on announced today they are increasing the maximum length for uploaded videos to fifteen minutes. The previous limit was ten minutes? Is it a good idea to create a fifteen minute book trailer? Or even a ten minute book trailer?

To make it more fun, YouTube has announced a Fifteen Minutes of Fame contest.

  • Basically, make a 15 minute video that tells the world everything you want them to know about you.
  • Upload the video to with the tag “yt15minutes”
  • Deadline is August 4. Only six days away!

The Prize: If selected, you will be featured on the Home Page of YouTube and get thousands of views! Wow!

Fifteen Minute Book Trailers?

Aside from the question of entering and getting noticed in such a contest, there’s now the possibility of a fifteen minute video about your book. Should you go for it?

Conventional wisdom says that book trailers work best if they are 1-2 minutes long. Wait! Conventional wisdom? Book trailers are still in their infancy as an art form, so how can you say that? OK. For the last couple years, it seems easier to keep an audience’s attention with a short trailer. But maybe it’s time to experiement?

Great Digital Storytelling

Sticky Concepts. If you attempt this, you’ll need great digital storytelling. You’ll want to think about the story first, and then how you might demonstrate that through the medium of video. It’s always the concept that is important and when it goes long, it’s doubly important. Are your ideas something that will capture the imagination of people and keep them reading?

Think about the short animated films you’ve seen, such as those from Pixar. If they struggle filling up five minutes, you know it’s hard.

The Book Trailer Manual includes 14 specific ideas for content and 10 ways to approach images and sound as you create compelling content. Need help or inspiration? The Book Trailer Manual Playlists on lead you through book trailers that illustrate your options. Read more.

Long Copy v. Short Copy. Direct mail experts, those people who send you long snail mail communications say that writing a long letter gets better results. Sounds crazy. But it often works for web pages that advertise products for sale: long pages bring a better return than short.

Written word, of course, can be scanned, while videos must be viewed. Here are some unknowns:

  • When a viewer sees how long the video is, will they even click on it?
  • Would you lose viewers after a few minutes?
  • Would you still get sales from viewers who click away early?
  • At what point would they click away to buy?
  • What percentage of viewers would watch the entire video?

Book Trailers: How To

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Dear Fellow Author:


You’ve just sold a book and are facing the task of book promotion and publicity. Like all of us, you hope that your book will gain a wide readership. You want appreciation for your literary work, you want your career to jump-start, so you can write more books, not just this one. You’re hoping your name will soon be a household name and fans will anxiously be waiting for your next title.

But your publisher has a low budget for promotion and publicity for your book. Maybe you’re a mid-lister and you feel ignored. You understand that it’s hard to break through the cluttered media and capture the attention of readers. Really, all you want is to be able to explain your book, to tell the story behind your writing it, so the reader will understand it better.

No, what you really want is to forget all the publicity stuff and just write.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one, simple, easy way to get word-of-mouth started? Let your readers spread the word for you. Readers telling readers about your book, until they turn it into a best-seller, a classic. Fans telling fans about your book until there are enough fans they even start anticipating your next book.

In this uncertain world of publishing, there are no guarantees. But the online world has given us possibilities, especially book videos or book trailers. Think about how many times you’ve gotten email from a friend with a link to an exciting video. You watch it, right? Give people something to talk about with a great book trailer!


NOW Available.

The Book Trailer Manual puts that viral book trailer within your reach. It explains what to put into a digital book trailer, how to gather the images and sounds, how to actually create the video, and how to get the distribution needed for it to go viral.

On my blog, Fiction Notes, I’ve built my reputation as a writer teacher by taking complex things and making them simple, giving you concrete ways to approach your writing. My passion is to make things easy to understand, simple to do. For The Book Trailer Manual, I’ve spent the time studying the current state of videos about books, so you don’t have to. I’ve read the latest research, tested equipment, located resources, and put everything together in a simple package.


Book trailers, as an art form, are in their infancy. The Book Trailer Manual, along with the playlists I’ve created on, give you an in-depth look at what’s being done now. You’ll understand your options for telling the story of your book to readers. In the world of low-budget promotion, it’s an opportunity to take a positive step in helping promote your book.

By using The Book Trailer Manual, you’ll get these benefits:

  • A way to take a positive step in promoting your book.
  • Reach a world wide audience.
  • Provide fodder for the word-of-mouth crowd.
  • Learn what to say in a book trailer.
  • Learn how easy the hardware and software choices can be.
  • Learn how to distribute the book trailer for the most impact.


You wrote the book of your dreams: Now, find the audience of your dreams.

  • Everything from idea to viral.
  • 14 specific ideas on content
  • 10 options for images and sound
  • 42 sites to submit to
  • Recommendations for hardware and software

That dream audience is within your reach: your audience is online and is increasingly watching videos.

But that’s only kids watching videos, right? Wrong. Whatever the age of your audience, a book trailer is increasingly likely to find them online.

Age % Watching
13-17 5%
18-24 13%
25-34 29%
35-54 36%
55+ 17%

Yes, YOUR audience is online. And watching.


Everything in The Book Trailer Manual is based on the most recent research available. You’ll learn more than just who is watching online videos. We combine conventional wisdom with research to answer these questions:

  • What should you put in your trailer?
  • What is the shelf life of a trailer?
  • What is the best distribution strategy to get the most viewers?

The Idea: With 14 specific ideas for content and 10 ways to approach images and sound, you’ll be able to create compelling content. Need help or inspiration? The Book Trailer Manual Playlists on lead you through book trailers that illustrate your options.

5 Case Studies provide further examples of how authors successfully initiate book trailers or how they work with a publisher to make sure the trailer gets the most viewers. Joe Dull, a professor of digital film making, explains how beginners often go wrong and how you can avoid those mistakes.

The complete process is laid out clearly: creating an idea, writing a script, setting up the skeleton of the book trailer video, filling it in with sound and image, revising it, optimizing it so search engines can find it, and finally, distributing it. You’ll learn what to look for when you consider software and hardware; you’ll learn where and how to purchase stock photos, video or sounds.

Examples: I’ve even created a set of videos using various software for my teen fantasy novel, The Wayfinder. They all use the same stock photos, same audio file (when supported by the program), and same script (or at least as similar as each program allows). See The Wayfinder Book Trailers.


The Book Trailer Manual takes you step-by-step through the book trailer process from the first inkling of an idea through the creation of the trailer to distribution and racking up viewers. It puts within your grasp, a positive step toward book promotion that could lead to a wide readership, to readers who appreciate your work, to a career where your name is a household word and fans anxiously await your next title.

Can a simple video do all that? No. Only your writing can really do that.

But if no one reads your writing, your career is stalled. You must do some book promotion and in today’s online world, the simple book trailer video makes sense. And The Book Trailer Manual makes it simple. Try it today. I’ll guarantee that you’ll have better ideas for the content of your trailer, an easier time of creating your own book trailer, and better distribution. If at the end of 90 days, you’re not happy, I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Darcy Pattison

P.S. No one can guarantee huge sales of your book, not even your publisher. But The Book Trailer Manual gives you a chance. It allows you to reach a world-wide audience. It helps you find your audience online. It gives you the possibility of going viral. It gives you a positive step you can take yourself. Hey! Be sure to send me your good news at!

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